Muna Disability Services | Services
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Muna Disability Services

Our Services

Assist Personal Activities

We assist individuals to complete their daily activities like cleaning, cooking, shopping, attending doc’s appointments or any in-home support. We also assist participants to learn and develop their daily living skills and to gain full independence to lead the life they would like.

Assist-Life Stage Transition

We understand that support, love, care and attention is needed at every stage of your life and therefore, we are always here to support at every stage. Our caregivers continue to inspire your aims and goals and enable you to achieve them by providing you with utmost care and support throughout.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Our staff provides support to each person as per their requirements or needs living in a shared accommodation. We focus on developing skills that help the individuals to live their life as independently as they can and provides assistance with self-care.

Development-Life Skills

Under this program, we encourage and assist participants to learn and develop daily living and life skills to increase the ability to live autonomously.

Group/Centre Activities

At Muna Disability Services, we assist people to participate in group-based recreational and social activities. This assists participant in making new friends which builds confidence and social skills.

Participate Community

We want participants to feel supported at all times and therefore, we are always there to provide support and encouragement during your participation in community and social activities.

Personal Activities High

We know taking care of personal hygiene is most important to live a healthy life. Our caregivers assist you with personal care activities including personal hygiene, bathing, toileting, dental hygiene, dressing, eating or drinking, application of basic first aid to keep your life clean and healthy.

Plan Management

With us, you have control and choice to have someone to assist you to make the most of your plan which includes paying invoices on your behalf and doing the paperwork for you or you can choose self-management.

Support Coordination

Support Coordination assist the participants to make the best use of the funds. Support coordinators navigate the best options for you. This program helps in building your capacity to exercise choice and control.

For further details, feel free to contact us!

Assistance with Travel/Transport

We offer participants support and we assist with travel and transport arrangements. We make it easy and convenient for our clients to reach the destination safely, securely and hassle-free.

Exercise Physiologist Personal Training

We encourage our participants to live healthy life style. Muna disability service has trained support staff that can design and supervise exercise sessions that aim to improve strength, confidence and functional ability for each participant.

Innovative Community Participation

We support and assist participants to engage in mainstream activities.

Household Tasks

There is no place like home. And there’s no question if, given the choice, most of us prefer to live independently at home. The Muna Disability Service offers the right supports and care services for participants to stay living safely and independently in their own home, and engaging with their community.

Assistive Prod-Household Task

At Muna Disability Services, we are here to provide support with daily household tasks so the participants can live independently. Our experienced, professional and reliable caregivers assist participants with cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene and provide the participants with a comfortable living environment to make them feel safe and secure.