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Welcome To

Muna Disability Services

Muna Disability Service provides support and assists people living with a disability. We are dedicated to working together to provide the best service to the people who need us. We embrace all differences and treat every person with dignity and courtesy.

Our aim is to assist and support people living with disability and their families to live a richer life. Quality, compassion and excellence are highly valued aspects of our services.

Our Services

Household Tasks

There is no place like home. And there’s no question if, given the choice, most of us prefer to live independently at home.

Assist-Travel / Transport

We offer participants support and we assist with travel and transport arrangements.

Innovative Community Participation

We support and assist participants to engage in mainstream activities.

Assistive Prod-Household Task

At Muna Disability Services, we are here to provide support with daily household tasks so the participants can live independently.

We believe every life is important

Other Services

Assist Personal Activities

Assist-Life Stage Transition

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Development-Life Skills

Muna Disability Services

What We Do

  • We assist participants to become more involved in their communities.
  • Our goal is to assist people living with a disability to live autonomously.
  • Contact us to discuss your needs!
  • We believe every life is important.
  • Your safety, security and peace of mind is our priority.

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